• Monitoring COVID-19 symptoms and supporting people during self-isolation
  • Monitoring and supporting people with chronic illnesses
  • Contact tracing case management
  • Base line data for epidemiological analysis
  • Base line data for developing evidence-based diabetes care protocols

Self-isolation / self-quarantine during probable or confirmed COVID-19 infection requires continuous monitoring and tracking by qualified healthcare providers to ensure appropriate actions are taken based on the self-isolated person health conditions; as well reducing their anxiety. However, with the sharp increase of patients, the existing call centers can’t cope with the number of calls or gather baseline data for epidemiological studies is required to develop country-based mitigation measures that influence the course of the COVID-19 epidemic..

When people are requested to self-isolate, they will registered by the designated health care system. The application allows self-isolated people to self-record their COVID-19 symptoms or health monitoring centers to record the self-isolated people symptoms and monitoring of diabetes, asthma, CVD, and COPD at home, assuring those at the highest risk levels with COVID-19 receive proper care.


  • Daily self-recording COVID-19 symptoms, currently based on BC CDC monitoring form
  • Record current chronic conditions
  • Telemedicine / Message Board / Chat Bot
  • Automated reminder notification
  • Automated notification to healthcare providers
  • Self-monitoring of Diabetes, Asthma, and COPD

Monitoring and support by public health

  1. Initial call with the self-isolated person and registration
  2. Set parameters for automated notification based on the person's current health conditions, according to the established protocol. The application send SMS notifications to the designated health care provider to contact the patient using telehealth.
  3. Daily recording of COVID-19 symptoms, currently based on BC CDC monitoring form
  4. Recording of chronic conditions, medications and vaccinations, demographics, and emergency contacts
  5. Visualization of symptoms that are out of range and generation of medical reports
  6. Analytics for public health and diabetes care plans
  7. Analytics for public health and diabetes care plans
  8. Algorithms for decision support and treatment (AI) based on clinical guidelines and cases similarity analysis

Contact Tracing Case Management
Trace and monitor contacts of infected people and notify them of their exposure. Designed to Reduce the burden of data collection on public health staff by improving the efficiency and accuracy of data management and automating tasks; and allowing electronic self-reporting.

Can be configured for synchronization of data from Proximity Tracking applications with case consent.
tracing analytics
Contact Trancing Analytics

Comprehensive visualization of contact tracing case management analytics including: age groups, ethnicity, location, gender, underlying conditions, and diagnoses.

Reports and Analytics
The application generates comprehensive medical reports and facilitates sharing of recommendations between care team members, and provides comprehensive analytics tools, a series of standardized reports and customizable queries for outcome analysis.

Automated Tools for: CANRISK Score, Framingham Risk Score, CKD Stages, and Pharmacotherapy
Using a HIPPA compliant tool, the application helps healthcare providers to conduct virtual visits and communication with chat, video, voice, and healthcare tools in a single hub.

Patient Education
The application provides patients with in-depth interactive education about type 2 diabetes and how to manage it. During pandemics mitigation and physical distancing periods, newly diagnosed patients have no access to classroom education; cloud-based self-education is the only source of education to patients and their families. Additional contents about COVID-19 and other chronic conditions will be added.
CME and Training
The application has a Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) to create, manage, host and track digital learning content for continuing medical education and training.

In addition, the LCMS provides secured instant chat room and message board for exchanging knowledge and discussions among registered users.

Short-term Benefits

  • Reduce anixety during self-isolation
  • Continous monitoring and timely intervention
  • Reduce pressure on the health care system
  • Indentify risk areas

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